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Lee, Brianna GA Athletic Trainer 609-896-5052 eMail Brianna Lee
Placca, John GA Athletic Trainer 609-896-5052 eMail John Placca
Dain, Gina Assistant Athletic Trainer 609-896-5052 eMail Gina Dain
Henry, Jacqueline Assistant Athletic Trainer 609-896-5052 eMail Jacqueline Henry
Vassalluzzo, Karen Assistant Athletic Trainer 609-896-5052 eMail Karen Vassalluzzo
Lengle, Tim Head Athletic Trainer 609-896-5052 eMail Tim Lengle
Voorhees-Carcaci, CL Cheerleading Coach 609-896-5000 x7453 eMail CL Voorhees-Carcaci
Green, Gerry Strength & Conditioning Coordinator 609-896-7790 eMail Gerry Green
Hedden, Joan Men's/Women's Basketball Administrative Associate 609-896-5076 eMail Joan Hedden
Voorhees, Cherie Senior Administrative Specialist 609-896-5054 eMail Cherie Voorhees
Rugg, Lynn Sports Information Administrative Associate 609-895-5778 eMail Lynn Rugg
Solomon, Brian David Asst. Dir. Sports Communications/Technology Coordinator-Contact for BB, FH, SWIM, TRACK, VB, WBB, XC 609-896-5135 eMail Brian David Solomon
Focht, Bud Director of Sports Communications-Contact for GOLF, MBB, MSOC, WSOC, SB, TENN, WRES 609-896-5138 eMail Bud Focht
Koch, Richard Coordinator of Athletics Event Operations/Equipment Manager 609-896-5000 x7083 eMail Richard Koch
Carty, Donte Coordinator of Marketing and Promotions 609-896-5056 eMail Donte Carty
Babik, Cristen Manager of Athletics Business Operations 609-895-5650 eMail Cristen Babik
Bidle, Dr. Kelly Faculty Athletics Rep 609-895-5418 eMail Dr. Kelly Bidle
Hurt, Sonya Academic Coordinator 609-896-5308 eMail Sonya Hurt
Keane, Brian Assistant AD for Operations and Facilities 609-896-5364 eMail Brian Keane
Busch, Greg Associate AD/Compliance/Internal Operations 609-895-5642 eMail Greg Busch
Torchia, Karin Associate AD/External Operations and Development/SWA 609-896-5249 eMail Karin Torchia
Harnum, Don Athletic Director 609-896-5054
Dell'Omo, Dr. Greg President 609-896-5001

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