Captain's Leadership Program Objectives
Courtesy: Rider Sports Information  
Release:  01/23/2008

Captains’ Leadership Program Objectives:

n       Support teams with leadership training for their captains and leaders;

n       Raise the awareness of the environment for today’s athletes at Rider;

n       Foster understanding of all team captains of their responsibilities to their teams,
    teammates, coaches and Rider University on and off the “field of play”. 

n       Develop a community of captain-leaders at Rider;

n       Strengthen the connection between leadership and winning;

n       Establish shared vision of the captain’s role;

n       Understand the cooperative relationship with coaches & administration;

n       Enhance the entire team’s experience;

n       Drive proactive leadership.




In the Classroom Being a Rider University Student-Athlete Means:

n       Academic performance precedes athletic performance;

n       Always being a proactive student - motivated, engaged, and successful in academics;

n       Being resourceful - utilizing teammates, faculty, staff, and specialists to support academic success;

n       Managing time successfully – knowing daily schedule, setting priorities and managing free time—this is a personal responsibility.



In Competition Being a Rider University Student-Athlete Means:

n       Having mental toughness and keeping your head in the game, goals in mind and having
 strong, positive response to adversity;

n       Showing good sportsmanship and respect;

n       Proving athletic excellence and having the ambition, passion, drive, and dedication to
always excel;

n       Playing to win and treating each game during every season as if it is your last.




Within the Community Being a Rider University Student-Athlete Means:

n       Being an active member of our student body and campus life;

n       Be connected and constantly contributing to Rider University’s many communities;

n       Always being professional, mature, and ethical.

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