Code Cranberry
Courtesy: Rider Sports Information  
Release:  10/07/2010

Courtesy: Cathy Carter-Romero (Rider University)
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 Color Codes are used worldwide to alert people to various emergency situations. The use of color codes is intended to convey essential information quickly and with a minimum of misunderstanding, while preventing stress or panic.

Code Red usually means a fire. Code Blue is when immediate attention is required. Code Brown gives warning of severe weather, and now Code Cranberry means Support.

Code Cranberry is an initiative designed to express a unified show of support among varsity athletes at Rider University.

There is a slogan among Rider athletes, that there are 355 athletes, 20 sports but 1 team. Rider SAAC (Student-Athlete Advisory Council), SAM (Student-Athlete Mentors) and members of the Captains' Leadership Seminar took that slogan and expanded it to create Code Cranberry.

On designated Code Cranberry dates, all varsity student-athletes are asked to come out to the contest, wearing their Code Cranberry tee shirt, and cheer on their fellow student-athletes in an effort to show that while they compete in different sports, they are all part of one team, and that team is Rider Athletics.

"The idea behind this is that while we spend a lot of money and effort to generate support for our teams externally," said Karin Torchia, Rider's Senior Woman Administrator, "we need to remember how important it also is that we support one another from within our department as well."

Code Cranberry. When 355 student-athletes from 20 sports come together to support one team. Rider Athletics.

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