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Courtesy: Rider Sports Information

Raise Your Game Challenge Rules

Courtesy: Rider Sports Information
Release: February 20, 2017
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Raise Your Game Challenge Brochure


The Raise Your Game Challenge is a competition to promote athletics fundraising for each Rider team.

The challenge will run from July 1, 2016 until April 30, 2017.

Donations can be made online at
Checks can be made out to "Rider University" with your preferred team in the memo line and mailed to: 

Rider University
Advancement Services

Challenge Scoring

Each team will be provided with a solicitable list of alumni.
Every alumnus who has played at least one full season will be included on the list.
Senior student-athletes will count for the challenge to encourage them to begin donating as an alumnus.

Former student-athletes may be removed from the list if:
There is no valid contact information for the alumnus.
Coaches' discretion.

In order to maintain parity between the programs with drastically different numbers of alumni, the scoring is based on the average number of alumni per team.

Alumni of Team X              =    Point Factor for Team X
Avg. Alumni Per Team 

Point factors range from 0.5 to 3.30 for each team depending on the size of the solicitable alumni pool. The teams with larger alumni lists will have a lower point factor because they have the potential to receive more donations. For example, the baseball team has a point factor of 0.5 because they have more potential donors on their list than women's soccer, who has fewer alumni and a point factor of 3.30. 

Points are earned on gifts of at least $35. Each donation will be multiplied by its respective team's point factor and then by a bonus multiplier, which is determined by the amount of the donation. 

Donation Amount Bonus Multiplier
$35-49 x1
$50-99 x1.5
$100-499 x2.5
$500-999 x4
$1,000+ x4.5

For example, Team X has a point factor of 2. If Team X received a donation of $150, the donation would count for five points:
(1 donation * point factor of 2 * bonus multiplier of 2.5).

Recurring Gifts

In an effort to promote regular giving, bonus points will also be awarded for recurring gifts. Each recurring gift will be multiplied by 2. 

For example, assume that the $150 gift to team X in the previous example was a recurring gift. Then this donation would count for nine points: the regular 5 points plus an additional 4 points (1 donation * point factor of 2 * recurring gift multiplier of 2). 

The amount of the recurring gift is based on the total amount of actual funds received before the end of the challenge. For example, if a recurring gift is established for $10 per month five months prior to the end of the challenge, then the recurring gift would count as a $50 gift for the challenge this year. The following year the recurring gift would count for $120 ($10/month x 12 months). Recurring gifts from previous years will continue to receive bonus points in the current year's challenge.

Recurring gifts can be established by contacting Dan Pinto or via the online donation page:  

Note: This year there will no longer be a bonus points category for online donations. 


All of the money raised by each team will go directly to the respective team's individual budget. 

There will be additional prize money awarded to the top scoring teams in the challenge.

1st Place: $2,000
2nd Place: $1,000
3rd Place: $500

Contact Information

Dan Pinto 
(609) 896-5233 
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